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(INSERT TITLE HERE) Japan’s ecosystems are being damaged by the copious amounts of alien species that have made their way into the country. They have entered Japan, simply through transported goods or even worse; as pets or biological strategies for decreasing the population of another species. Through their easy way in, alien species have had drastic effects that came with their entry to Japan from the depletion of crops to the decreasing of other species’ populations. People have been trying to prohibit the import, transport and keeping of the animal just to try eliminate the species but it does not do much. The word about these animals must spread to contain their populations before they can do more damage. One example of an alien species impacting another species’ population is the small Asian mongoose (Herpestes javanicus), was brought to Japan as a biological…show more content…
They were already rice pests in East Asian countries since the 1980’s, eating rice seedlings. Their first introduction to Japan was in 1964 as aquarium pets with some people releasing them into the snails or losing them, however the apple snail population died out due to the temperature of the canals that they escaped into. The second time they were introduced, they were sold as food items. The taste put people off and its commercial value dropped low, leaving the marketers to discard the remaining stocks. This proved to be a poorly thought out choice as in the following years from 1982 and on, there were pink masses of apple snail eggs in canals and rice paddies of prefectures all over Japan. Apple snails fed on young rice seedlings, taro, lotus, wild rice, Japanese parsley, water chestnuts, citrus, damaging the farmers distributing these food products. () For instance, in areas where apple snails were detected in Kyushu, the density of aquatic plants were significantly

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