Autocratic Leader Case Study

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ANSWER 1 Amar works with an IT company as a project coordinator and Ajay is his boss who is leading the team. Here is an employee – Employer relationship. Looking at the scenario, and Ajay’s attitude towards his employees, it seems that Ajay is an autocratic Leader and because of that he is having many leadership pitfalls like Dictatorship etc. Let’s understand the theory in detail with a perspective of this situation. “Leaders are individuals who establish direction for a working group of individuals who gain commitment from this group of members to this direction and motivate these members to achieve the direction’s outcomes.” -Conger, J A. ‘Learning to Lead’ San Francisco: Jossey-Bass (1992, P18)…show more content…
Ajay is very adamant and wants the work to be done according to his way without considering other person’s point of view. So, he is an autocrat leader. He is a dictator who does not want to listen to anyone and wants his subordinates to follow him blindly. A leader who is very adamant cannot listen from their subordinates can never boost the morale of his employees. Since his subordinates are not being heard, they will not be able to connect with the company and will never feel encouraged to work hard and with commitment. Overall, the team’s output will go down and they will be further demoralised. Acting as a Dictator is Ajay’s Pitfall. A good leader always stands by his team in any circumstances. If any team member does any mistake, he tries to correct it, explain it to him, and give him a confidence that he would learn it. A true guide ignites a spark in an employee to work in a direction of achieving higher goals. Here, on the contrary, Ajay reprimands him before other employees even for a minor mistake. He criticises Amar in front of other employees. That is major pitfall. Even personally also, he should not do any such

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