Youth Unemployment In Botswana

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1.1 BACKGROUND The problem of high youth unemployment still persists and youth continues to constitute a large part of the total population. They take a larger share of the population size. Unemployment is an issue in all regions of the world. After the period of rapid increase in population, between 2007 and 2010, the global youth unemployment rate settled at 13.0 percent for the period of 2012 to 2014 (International Labour Organization (ILO), 2015). Developing regions are being the hardest hit (ILO, 2011). In 2009, the overall unemployment rate in sub-Saharan Africa was about 6 percent compared with a global average of 5 percent and Botswana was counted among the countries with disturbingly high youth unemployment together with Nigeria and…show more content…
Siphambe (2007) further showed gender inequalities in unemployment in Botswana with unemployment being severe among women at 23.9 percent than men at 16.4 percent. This is more pronounced amongst younger women (Siphambe, 2007). Mahalapye being one of the villages in Botswana is not excluded from this issue. By 2011, unemployment rate in Mahalapye stood at 18.7 percent with significant disparities between men and women. More women were unemployed at 22.0 percent compared to their male counterparts at 15.8 percent (Statistics Botswana,…show more content…
The study will benefit them because they will understand the extent of the problem and the socio-economic effects it has on unemployed young women. It can also help social workers advocate for programmes improvement to adequately cater for unemployed young women. They will be in a position to help young unemployed women to cope with the effects of unemployment. 1.7.2 Policy implications The significance of this study is that it will provide baseline information to policy makers about the problem and the extent of unemployment among young women in Mahalapye. This will help them in designing appropriate policies to address the issue. The government of Botswana has implemented different programmes targeted at creating youth employment, but there is still high youth unemployment rate among young women. This study will also help policy makers to take important socio-economic factors into account in the design, planning, implementation and monitoring stages of policies and programmes. It can also enable policy makers to analyse their existing policies and come up with new ones or modify the existing ones to adequately cater for unemployed young

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