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It’s no secret that single-gender schools are everywhere. But do they improve the quality of our nation’s education? Single-gender schooling has existed as early as the 18th century. However, it started to pick up steam in the late 90’s when the supreme court made a ruling in the United States vs. Virginia court case concluding that single-gender classrooms are only constitutional if the same material is given to both genders. From 1995 to 2006, the number of single-gender schools in America rose from 5 to 241. Single-gender classrooms improve the quality of education in American schools because students behaviors are improved, students are more likely to achieve their fullest potential and students are more comfortable in classrooms. Single-gender…show more content…
“Girls who learn in all-girl environments are believed to be more comfortable responding to questions and sharing opinions in class” (“Single-Gender Classes Can Respond to the Needs of Boys and Girls” David Chadwell, Girls especially are more comfortable in single-gender classrooms because they feel it’s a place to be themselves. They don't have to pretend or impress anyone. Certainly, it should be said that students are more comfortable in single-gender classrooms. While this is a good point, this argument fails to account for that although students may be more comfortable, they are still deprived of gender diversity in class. Students who are also more comfortable in class speak up more. They don't feel the pressure when they feel embarrassed like they do in mixed-gender classrooms. Girls in single-gender schools have a higher self-esteem, speak up more freely, and have a higher academic achievement. Being comfortable in class is one of the most important things. Being comfortable in class means you speak up more, you don't feel embarrassed all the time, and you don't have to pretend to impress

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