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On top of all this, when you smoke, you are not only harming yourself by smoking, you are harming others too! When you light up your cigarette, people around you receive secondhand smoke that hurts them the same way it hurts you; in fact, it hurts them more. Secondhand smoke is a combination of smoke from the burning end of a cigarette, and the smoke you exhale. The smoke you inhale goes through the filter of the cigarette. The filter prevents you, to some degree, from inhaling really dangerous chemicals that a cigarette contains. However, the smoke others inhale because of you, doesn’t go through the filter. So, you are exposing others to a greater danger. At the same time, you are making people inhale what you exhale. Even though a lot of the dangerous content of the cigarette is inhaled by you, what you exhale still contains the leftover chemicals.…show more content…
These deaths are caused by many diseases and strokes that people got due to secondhand smoke. When I smoked myself, I didn’t even know that I was exposing others to danger. Nowadays, I wonder how many people may have died because of me. Not only are people at risk, the beauty of our environment is also at risk due to smoking. Every cigarette is wrapped with paper, we all know that. However, do we know that trees are required to make that paper? How many trees are gone? How would our world be without trees? One day, in the near future, we will find the answers to all these questions. 300 cigarettes = one wasted tree ("Smoking And The Environment | How Smoking Affects Environment? - Ygoy" 1). There are about one billion smokers around the world. All these smokers consume multiple cigarettes a day - sometimes even whole packs. That is about 67 million trees wasted annually to satisfy the needs of

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