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My perfect writing workplace, My first inclination, when I was assigned to write about my perfect writing workplace, was to pick a verandah at a beach house overlooking the ocean maybe in the Caribbean. I absolutely love the sound and smell of the ocean. But upon further refection I decided that would not be my perfect place. At least, it would not be my perfect writing place, for a vacation it would be fantastic. So, after much thought I decided that I would love to have a writing retreat in a rustic setting. This setting would be much like what I have now except that it would be self-contained. I would like a to have a spot to myself maybe a shed or a tiny house where there was no one to interrupt me. One thing I would not have is a phone. I really hate talking on the phone. The more I think about it, the more I am leaning toward a tiny house with an open floor plan. I would want to have one with a nice bathroom. In my perfect spot a soaking tub would be ideal as some of my best thinking is done while soaking in the bath. Nice comfy chairs would be my preferred seating arrangement, and I would also want a sleeper sofa. The sofa would be so that if I needed a place to sleep it would be…show more content…
My only issue technology-wise is the intranet. I live in a rural area and would love to have a place where they faster service. It is amazing compared to the dial up that I started with back in the day, but no were near what big cities have. Also in my ideal writing space, I would have Dragon voice recognition software. I have heard writers talking about it, and they say it is fantastic. If it works half as well as advertised this would be a good investment. Of course, this would mean that I would have to be in my space by myself when writing. I would be to self-conscious otherwise. I don’t mind anyone reading what I wrote, but the speaking it out loud as I wrote it would be more

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