Cpd Intensity In Professional Practice

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A further consideration is the issue of CPD intensity. In this study, the CPD activities conducted were found to lack intensity or provision of sufficient information for teachers for their actual practice. However, they should have been intensive and comprehensive for their effectiveness. If teachers do not have sufficient exposure about the contents intended to be presented in a CPD activity or there is no provision of sufficient insights in an activity, then it is unlikely that the CPD activity can result in deep professional learning for teachers: development of adequate knowledge and skills for their actual professional practice. Thus, it is critical to give due consideration about whether or not each content presented in a CPD is presented…show more content…
In this study, the CPD activities conducted were found to be collective in nature, especially HDP. However, it should have been discipline specific for its effectiveness. This is because such generic CPD activities by their nature cannot be equally relevant and applicable for all teachers who are supposed to attend them as teachers are diverse in many ways. In their professional practice, teachers vary in their discipline, qualification level, teaching experience, needs, context in which they teach, students they teach, and so on. Even, for EFL teachers, conducting the same CPD may not be effective because they differ in their specific needs, level of qualification, teaching experience, the kind of language course which they teach, the context in which they teach, and others even though they are in the same discipline. The idea is that communal CPD activities cannot cater for these differences and hence, may not lead to meaningful learning on the part of teachers and change in their actual practice and students’ achievement in their learning. Therefore, this implies the need for the CPD activities to be conducted are at least subject matter specific so that they can be more relevant and effective for teachers and are more likely to result in improvement in teachers’ actual…show more content…
They are very important means for their ongoing learning in their professional career depending on their own particular needs and pace of learning either individually or collaboratively (mutual learning): cater for teacher diversity in terms of needs, qualification, field of study, and actual professional context. Because they are integral, embedded, and constituent elements of EFL teachers’ actual professional practice, they also enable them to have immediate solution to problems in their professional practice. In addition, as a result of their constant engagement in these approaches to learning and development, they can develop a sense of autonomy, self-confidence, ownership, and responsibility in their learning and development. They cannot develop a sense of dependence on others and imposition for learning from others. Besides, these approaches are cost effective in terms of finance, time, manpower, and other resources. Moreover, they are more of discipline specific. Furthermore, they can be important means of human resource development for the university or the department without any cost incurred for the purpose of EFL teachers’ professional learning and development. Of course,

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