Did NASA Really Make It To The Moon Essay

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Did NASA Really Make It to the Moon? We have all heard that humans have visited the moon, but was it really true or all a lie? Most people think “yes of course humans have made it to the moon”, but some also think that they haven’t. The topic is very debatable from either side, there’s no tremendously strong evidence to prove that the landings were real or fake. This topic has been looked upon since Apollo 11 supposively took off to go to the moon in 1969. There have been many conspiracies and theories about this one topic. So, what do you think about this so far, were the landing real or fake? The moon landings were proven true and false by many people with their theories and evidence. Many people believe that they were real and this essay…show more content…
People believe that NASA created this whole hoax so JFK wouldn’t have shame and be disrespected since he had died and his promise wasn’t fulfilled yet. NASA had been accused many times of not actually making it to the moon, and these arguments were supported with things like these statements. “JFK couldn’t not have his promise fulfilled and so NASA made a whole scheme just to ‘make it to the moon’” stated some people who believe this was fake. Many statements like these were either wired into this whole conspiracy or somehow made up just to seem true and prove NASA…show more content…
Other countries also gained some information from these probes, because they did in fact land on the moon. When Apollo 11 landed on the moon one of the few things they did was load a probe back into their ship. When they landed back on Earth, they had brought one of the probes with them. Yes, the astronauts could’ve easily stored a probe in their ship and claimed it was, ‘from the moon’. The probe they had stored and brought back was said to be from the moon. So, do you believe it was actually from the moon, or is NASA just tricking us

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