Stress In Social Media

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Stress is a commonly known mental, emotional, physiological or psychological response to certain pressures in our lives. Stress affects how we behave, act and think on daily basis. Stress, as defined by Hans Selye in 1936, is “the non-specific response of the body to any demand for change”. People experience stress all the time as life throws a “curve ball” here and there. Many studies have also linked long at work hours, commute to and from work and demanding bosses as well as family constant circle of child rearing demands and other stressors in life to stress which causes health problems from insomnia, depression to heart attacks. However, one of the recent studies have potentially linked gene composition to how individuals react to stress.…show more content…
In my opinion, individuals now experience more stress than before. The reason is access to media and social platforms. People prior to introduction of internet back in 1990’s had much simpler life. Individuals were mainly spending time with their kids, playing outside, having dinners and as such, had a chance to give a break to their brain. Recently, it is quite noticeable that individuals and especially younger generation are attached and complete consumed my social media and social platforms. For the most part that has become a lot of people’s life. People post about their life, post about their vacations, look through other people posts and compare their life to others. That creates a lot of negative impact on the psychology of individuals. Open and easy way for social platforms to spread the social bullying and rumors adds a lot of pressure to our and our kid’s lives. Therefore, it is not a surprise that current studies show that stress level, as it relates to the social media obsession, is gaining speed. Our grandparents had access to radios and for few lucky ones to TVs. The information provided to the general public to limited to a certain point. And now, anything and everything is accessible for consumption. Our brains are so addicted to the information that we have access to and the social media ads, postings, propaganda and simply “fake news” that our brains do not have time to relax. Constant exposure to information charges our brain the overworking mode and consequently caused
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