Bone Gap Short Story

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Setting: Within the text of magic realism, the plot was located in Illinois, focused on an abnormal, western town referred to as Bone Gap. To elaborate, it consisted of the O’Sullivans territory including “a peeling white house, a matching garage, and a red barn slanted to the left” (Ruby 12). Alongside the property, the O’Sullivans owned an extra, vacant apartment with an exterior garden. Additionally, the residents would visit the Chat N’ Chew diner, where the whispers of recent rumors would disseminate. Of the several neighbors, Finn O’Sullivan would enter Charlie Valentine’s chicken-filled terrain or Priscilla Willis’ bee-filled yard to discuss important subjects. However, to Finn, the cornfields characterized Bone Gap with an eery,…show more content…
Although Charlie could not recall graphic details of the man, he claimed how Bone Gap did not have ordinary cliffs or ravines, however, the universe concealed holes to plummet into. Ultimately, Charlie advised for Finn to locate the depths of the hidden cracks, where Roza was allegedly imprisoned. Thus, Finn furiously crashed into the corn fields and proceeded to sprint over dirt and rocks until he identified a stream. Without hesitation, Finn entered the surging water and exited into a town that resembled Bone Gap celebrating the August fair. Finn thought, “...this wasn't the same town he knew, it couldn't be. The plants were too green, the sky too blue, the road to black, like a scar knifed into the landscape” (Ruby 291-292). Indeed, Finn was correct because the crowds of individuals were controlled by the man, who started to provoke Finn with his incapability to rescue Roza. After a tense conversation, the world suddenly tilted on an axis, which resulted in the humans to dangle upside-down by their legs. Regardless of how dominant the man displayed himself to be, Finn initiated an agreement, which stated that Roza would leave with Finn if he found her. Regardless of Finn’s face blindness, he analyzed the sway of the bodies and yelled the female’s name until Roza jerked towards Finn’s direction. When the two were reunited, the ground returned to its normal position, but the man refused for the two to return to Bone Gap until, “Roza sliced her face from one ear to the corner of her mouth” (Ruby 318). Due to this, Roza was not be considered gorgeous anymore by the icy-eyed man, who froze in horror. Unbelievably, the landscape started to rot as the individual's limbs stretched to morph into insects with a desire to overpower the man. Roza and Finn dived into the thicker grass to be welcomed by their loved ones into

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