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What defines someone as a hero? The great deeds the person performs, their humility, their journey, and their leadership are all common traits of a hero, but it depends from what perspective the person is being viewed from if they can be considered a hero. In the case of Paradise Lost, Satan is viewed from countless different angles because each character he encountered has a different perspective of him. The inhabitants of Hell view him as a powerful leader who accomplished great deeds for their sake. Satan is a hero to his people, but he is eventually taken down by his fatal flaw. There is no doubt that the actions that Satan carried out are twisted, yet he is attractive because of his use of rhetoric. He is a master of using rhetorical devices…show more content…
All of Satan’s followers in Hell had decided that it would be best for Satan to go on the epic journey to Earth and back in order to turn God’s creation against him. One of the defining traits of an epic hero is that they travel over a vast setting on a long journey in order to earn what the hero desires. It seems to the inhabitants of Hell that Satan is risking his life to travel through unknown places to arrive somewhere that they are not sure exists for their own redemption, but Satan has them fooled. He does not want to travel all this way just to save his people, but for his own personal gain of power. For a typical epic hero, this journey would symbolize his selfless ambition to save his homeland; for Satan this odyssey symbolizes his ambition for dominance. In Book X, Satan says, “Thrones, Dominations, Princedoms, Virtues, Powers, / For in possession such, not only of right, / I call ye and declare ye now, returned / Successful beyond hope, to lead ye forth / Triumphant out of this infernal Pit / Abominable, accurst, the house of woe, / And Dungeon of our Tyrant” (X. 460-466). This statement made to the crowd of demons in Hell shows that Satan is trying to convince them that he deserves to be their leader because he accomplished what they tasked him with. Satan knows the demons despise Hell, so he describes how terrible it is and that he will be their ruler, which will make their situation better. Satan returns as an epic hero to lead his people after his victory against their common foe. There is a false sense of selflessness present in Satan because the demons of Hell view him differently than he truly is. They think that he is an amazing hero because he accomplishes deeds for their safety and glory, but he is actually fighting God because he wants to seem more powerful than God. The fallen angels are conned by

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