Epic Hero Struggles

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The Epic Hero story, though told through generations, retains the defining plotline of an Epic Hero made to confront themselves. The Hero exists to restore a right relationship with God to a fallen world; when the Hero struggles within, they question the impact of their righteous actions, and if they should stop fighting for a lost cause. The confrontation with self also entails the Hero considering past obligations that need fulfillment. Inward struggle can project itself into representations of the past, present and future which order the Hero to realize that while past promises are necessary to live by, the past cannot eclipse the present and future. This identity crises means the Epic Hero comes upon compromising situations or choices that…show more content…
SHIELD employs Steve Rogers before he even finishes defrosting to help bring justice to a world most in need of a hero; however, in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Dr. Zola reveals that HYDRA runs SHIELD from the inside, forcing Steve to choose between saving SHIELD and letting it fall to an association that will systematically destroy individual freedom rather than protect it.. When Steve chooses to save SHIELD, he also chooses obligation to the past; Peggy Carter, Howard Stark and other friends of Steve’s founded SHIELD with intentions to protect the world. The Hero may choose to save large groups of people, but sometimes salvation comes to an individual through the Hero’s grace; Steve chooses to not fight against Bucky when he comes to murder Steve for the last time, saving Bucky’s life in the hope that he can reverse the evil enacted upon a good man. When Steve spares Bucky, he reinforces his identity as the Epic Hero who honors his past relationships and would selflessly sacrifice himself for the existence of another. In the struggle to bring purity and selflessness or allow wickedness, the struggle can sometimes focus the question against the societal beliefs of “right” and “wrong”; Elizabeth fights and toys with other pirates to get to Will, but uses these same deceiving strategies to tie Jack to a post with a sword and an order to sacrifice himself to the kraken so that Davey Jones’ reign of terror will end. Throughout her pirating career, and especially in this moment, Elizabeth’s ideas of right shift from that of East India Trading Companies’ to that of a grey morality bent on saving others before saving oneself. These choices give the Epic Hero an opportunity to ponder what extent and pain they will endure for righteousness, and confront the hero with

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