Environmental Pollution In Egypt

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The environmental pollution represents a serious problem facing the societies all over the world. Water pollution due to release of industrial wastewater has already become a serious environmental problem. It is a major source of concern and a priority for most of industrial sectors. In addition solid wastes resulted from agricultural sectors causes high disposal problems. For that stringent regulations are issued all over the world to control the discharged of solid and liquid wastes. Egypt faces a big environmental problem resulted from the discharging of a huge amount of industrial wastewater and the accumulation of agricultural solid wastes, both represent a negative environmental impact. With increasing environmental awareness, strict…show more content…
Without a suitable treatment, the waste water discharged from textile industry of highly colored, can cause environmental problems and series health risk factors. Synthetic dyes are considered harmful due to the chemicals used to produce it which are highly toxic and carcinogenic. The exposure to basic dye methylene blue (MB) was found to cause increase heart rate, cyanosis, heinz body formation, vomiting and shock [2, 3]. Also reactive dyes black B (BB) can cause allergic dermatomes and respiratory diseases…show more content…
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimated at 2015/2016 that the Egyptian rice production was 4.0 million tons /year. Rice husk (RH) is the outermost layer of the paddy grain that is separated from the rice grains during the milling process. The RH as a by-product represents 22% of rice production i.e. 880,000 ton/year. It constitutes a burden economically and environmentally on Egypt. Handling and transportation of RH is problematic due to its low density. Part of the RH in Egypt has been used as building material [8], fertilizer[9 ], insulation material [10 ], or fuel [11], but the rest is burned in ambient atmosphere causes toxic air pollution where the uncontrolled combustion contributes to enormous environmental threats which lower the air quality in the area involved. So, maximizing the reuse of agricultural solid wastes will play a vital part in any waste management

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