Personal Narrative Essay: What Is Not My Day?

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I hear my mom scream “come on we have to go otherwIse we will be late” “I am coming” I say with an annoyed voice as I finish stuffing my sweatshirts into my bag. I grab the zipper start to close my bag as I get ¼ of the way through it gets stuck, i keep trying to close my bag, “come on” I whisper to myself. I am thinking to myself today is not my day, I finally do a big tug and my zipper finally starts going but really smoothly for some reason. I walk past my bed, and dresser, im kicking all the clothes on the floor to the side to make one big pile before we go because I know my mom doesn’t like us having messy rooms. I run out the door, i pull on the doorknob as I run out the door, slamming shut, i stop and wait for a response from my mom. Silence.…show more content…
I continue running down the hall, i turn the corner crashing my bag into the wall, the first thing I see when I turn the corner is my mom giving me a look, like she's angry, confused, and relieved, and as I look at her there's this fear of something running through my mind. I keep walking but slowly so I can act like nothing happened. She says “let’s go” as I look at her, she rolled her eyes at me, with that voice that sounded like there was a whole lot of anger being held back. I keep walking down the stairs slowly so she doesn't get anymore angry we all walk out the door, but I'm the only one with stuff. I ask “where's everyone else's stuff” in a confused voice. My mom answers by saying “all the stuff is in the car and packed, and the only reason we haven’t left yet was because you weren't ready” still in the same kind of voice as before. “Sorry” I said sarcastically as We all walk on the rocky path toward the car out in the front. “I call front” my oldest sister

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