Entrepreneur As Hero Analysis

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In Candace Allen’s article titled “The Entrepreneur as Hero”, she introduced that every society needs heroes. First she said that heroes go to the unknown. Second is the encountering of the hardship and challenges. Third is the return with something new. The author tries to compare the pattern of the hero to the entrepreneur, finding themselves in a difficult situation then finding ways to get a solution. Furthermore, she also mentioned that “The heroic entrepreneur will continue to anticipate what the future will demand of him. He is no ordinary businessperson whose main priorities are simply turn profits, avoid loses, or seek to maintain his share.” “But to venture forth again and again into unknown to create and bring back that which individuals…show more content…
Rather, long-term profits are the result of having a deeper purpose, great products, customer satisfaction, employee happiness, excellent suppliers, community, and environmental responsibility” In Muhammad Yunus’ “Social Business Entrepreneurs Are the Solution”, he introduced that there are two kinds of businesses. First is the profit maximizing type, which most people know. The second type according to the author is where the business is “totally committed to making a difference to the world. They are social-objective driven. They want to give better chance in life to other people. They want to achieve their objective through creating and supporting sustainable business enterprises.” The author wants social business enterprises to be visible in the marketplace. He mentions that “This can be achieve only if we create a separate stock market for social business enterprises and investors. We can call it the social stock market. Investors will come here to invest their money in the causes they believe in and in the companies they think are doing the best in achieving particular…show more content…
These distortions and starvations in K-12 education, contribute to much of the dysfunction of our society. In the last 100 years or so, compulsory mass public education has replaced individual human discernment of what the young human spirit needs with a bureaucratic system that has been utterly blind to the needs of human spirit. We have preempted and then betrayed our deepest instincts, and we gradually need to rediscover how to raise our young so that they may be happy and well in the chaotic world of never-ending change in which we find ourselves.” The author tries to criticize the current education system. Moreover, the author mentions that “The only way to change the vulnerability of young people to marketing is to cultivate their preferences, to instill in them individually a more valuable set of preferences, and to surround them with a peer culture that supports such alternatives sets of preferences.” The author concludes that educators much teach people with skills and habits that will help them apply in their lives. Furthermore, the author also mentions that school much be based on love, where people will love what they are

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