The I Peny Movie: The Process Of The I Pencil Movie

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The I pencil movie is about how the manufacture of a simple pencil is coordinated by a market place as opposed to a central planner. The process of creating a pencil seems like a very simple process but there is some complexity in the process involved. The process, as portrayed by the movie, involves the creation of a pencil from its components such as cedar, graphite, glue and wax. The process also involves a number of individuals involved in the creation of the pencil. The movie follows the family tree of the pencil and explores ways the individuals and components involved in its creation are connected by a market place. The movie introduces the vast number of individuals involved in the process. The movie shows that a pencil cannot be created by a single individual but a large group of individuals working in their own self interests. The interaction of the work done by these individuals produces a better and more affordable pencil than can be created by a single person. In just a few minutes the movie shows how the market is an interesting place. Most of the time the market functions so well that people enjoy the fruits of the market without seeing the tree. The complex process that brings wood, graphite, metal and rubber together shows the prosperity of the market. The movie I pencil portrays a…show more content…
Here the author acknowledges that although a pencil is a simple thing, it requires the contribution of various individuals from various places. Despite the diversity of the people who produce the components necessary for the production of the pencil, there is collaboration in the process. This collaboration is not required by any authority but is a factor of price. This collaboration is only possible since all the individuals involved have a mutual interest of acquiring profits. Although the process is driven by self interests, the overall goal is attained though

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