Delaware Tribe Pictograph History

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Every person, race and group of people has a past. People in the past have passed on their discoveries and knowlegde of their lifestyles with diaries, artifacts, autobiographies later life and many other ways. The original Native Americans and generations after were no different. In a time when written language was nonexistent, Native Americans discovered ways to tell the story of what happened long before our time using pictographs, storytelling and cave art. A pictograph is a pictorial symbol representing a word or pharase. Pictographs were used as the earliest known form of writing. The Delaware tribe used this method to show how the universe came to be through their perspective including the creation of the natural world, moon and stars, the first man and woman, creation of animals , and the works of their great gods and the evil spirits. The Delaware Tribes pictograph creation story in known as the “Walum Olum.” Another more well-known method was through story- telling. This method was widely used in many tribes throughout the United States. The stories would be told by the elders to the next generation, who would tell their children and so on. The problem with this that over time the stories would change since it relied heavily on memorization of every single…show more content…
Like the Delaware Tribes drawing pictographs on sticks, cave dwelling tribes would document the day’s activites by drawing what happened on the walls of the cave they were living in. When the tribesmen came back from a hunt, they would draw the number of animals killed and differentiate between the species. A cave art drawing may show a group of warriors against seven deer and two buffalo. The picture itself actually respresents that seven deer and two buffalo were killed during that particular hunt. This itself is evidence that native american were able to count long before a number system was

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