The Pros And Cons Of President Bill Clinton

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Scandals have always existed and have ruined the lives, reputations, and financial standings of politicians, businessmen, athletes, celebrities, and in some extreme cases, normal people. President Bill Clinton is no exception. It is common knowledge that during the final days of his presidency, he faced a scandal so large and widespread that he was nearly impeached from office. Even without impeachment, many have never forgotten about the public embarrassment he suffered and continue to see President Clinton as a lecherous individual. Even today, it is not uncommon to ask someone what they think of President Clinton and the conversation leaning towards his affair with Monica Lewinsky. But why? Why after over a decade and two presidents later,…show more content…
In fact, several presidents have been embroiled in sexual scandals, some even more scandalous than President Clinton’s, but none of them have been as highly publicized. This is due mainly to the fact that, at the time of other presidencies such as the Kennedy Presidency and the Harding Presidency, the people had less access to the actions and affairs of their presidents and little to no access to the vast pools of information that can be found with ease in this modern era. Today we know now that President Kennedy was said to have had an with Marilyn Monroe, but it is highly unlikely that many American people knew of the affair because there was no way to turn on the computer and ask a search engine or listen to a taped conversation, like the several taped conversations that ultimately exposed the Clinton affair…show more content…
In this modern age, not only do we have the newspapers and television networks used to break the news before, but we have social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. These internet sites are the main examples of evolving media technology and what they are capable of. Sites such as these hold an infinite amount of information, are readily available to anyone who seeks to use it, and have the potential to connect any one person to another one person from any part of the world. This change from ancient to advanced media has not only changed communication in general, but has changed the means by which we communicate. While this may prove to be an asset to others, with regards to scandals, it can be devastating to one’s social well-being. Which, is exactly what happened to professional boxer Oscar de la

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