Is The Patriot Movie Historically Accurate

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The Patriot The movie The Patriot was released in the year 2000. It is a drama that relates to the American Revolutionary War. Although the plot of the movie is fictional there are many aspects that relate to what happened in the Revolutionary War. The setting of the movie is in the year 1776, in South Carolina where slavery was flourishing. Mel Gibson plays the main character, Benjamin Martin as well as several other characters who were also involved in the actual revolutionary war. The various characters Mel Gibson plays are: Benjamin Martin, Elijah Clarke, Brigadier General Daniel Morgan, Andrew Pickens and Thomas Sumter. Other characters in the movie also relate to actual people from the war. They are Colonel William Tavington who was actually based off of Lt. Colonel Bonastre Tarleton, the ruthless murderer, Charles Lord of Cornwallis who was connected to the British military, whose actual name was Cornwallis, and Occam the slave.…show more content…
In the movie Occam was a slave that joined the war against the British, in order to gain his freedom. In 1776, there really were slaves who fought in the war as a way to earn their freedom. Throughout the movie Occam also has to deal with a lot of racism from other characters. This is also something that had to be dealt with on a daily basis during the late 1700’s. Slaves were constantly degraded because of their color, social status, and lack of education. The weaponry and clothing that were depicted in the movie were also true to the time period of the revolutionary war. Muskets, tomahawks, flintlocks, and swords were all used as weapons in the war. In the movie Martin gives his sons muskets to help him assassinate the British soldiers who have killed one of his sons and captured another. He himself uses a tomahawk to brutally assassinate the people who have his

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