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Johnny Cash had a rough childhood, he lost his brother and best friend in a table saw accident when Cash was just eleven. His father was a very strict man and said that God took the wrong son when Jack died. You would have never thought that a drug addict would be hailed as one of country music’s best artist. Johnny cash may have been an American legend but he was just like all of us. He made some bad choices, but in the end they made him stronger. In this paper I will be talking about Cash’s Family, Career, and his later years. On February 26th 1932 John Robert Cash or J.R Cash was born to proud parents Ray and Carrie Cash in Kingsland Ohio. When Johnny was three years old his parents got involved in The New Deal Program started by President Roosevelt, to give jobs to unemployed workers struggling in the great depression. So they settled in Dyess Colony, Arkansas and the whole family set to farming twenty acres of cotton. The nineteen thirty’s were not kind to his father Ray, he had been…show more content…
Ray also said it would be best for him if he went out and joined the military after high school. So in an effort to make his father proud John enlisted in the Air Force on July 7th 1950, just a few weeks after finishing high school. In the Air Force John was training to become a radio operator. After basic training was over he was stationed in Landsberg, Germany as a radio operator. It was there in Germany that he bought his very first guitar for five dollars. He quickly fell in love with that guitar, so much so that he would practice every free moment that he had. Then he and a group of his fellow airmen started a band called “The Landsberg Barbarians”. One day the band went out to the movies to watch Inside The Walls Of Folsom Prison and that inspired him to write the hit song Folsom Prison Blues, But the song was not recorded until after he left the air

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