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ORGANIC CHEMICAL An organic chemical, also referred to as an organic compound, involves the construction of molecules which possess carbon based atoms. Specifically, it is consist of carbon atoms joined to hydrogen atom together with different elements from functional groups, such as oxygen, nitrogen, sulphur etc. Organic chemical exists naturally, albeit in a large variety of combinations. In fact, they arise in all living organisms and become the core of all biological processes. Two of the simplest reaction which arise are combustion and saponification or the hydrolysis of fats. Today, organic compounds are generally categorized as being either natural or synthetic, although sub classifications also exist. Natural organic compounds are derived from living organisms, i.e plants or animals. They include many vitamins, carbohydrates, fats, amino acids, enzymes and alkaloids. Synthetic organic compounds are produced by chemical reaction, whether the original material occurs naturally or not. In…show more content…
These environmental modifications have major consequences on populations within an environment (disappearance of species, proliferation of other species). Among the latter, persistent organic pollutants (POP), such as PCB and DDT, are especially particularly toxic as they are lipophilic. There is therefore a bio-implication of these pollutants at each level of the food chain, the last levels being the most contaminated and man is at the top of the food chain. Organic pollution can also be defined as the presence or increase in our environment of chemical pollutants that are not naturally present there or are found in amounts higher than their natural background values. Most of the chemicals that pollute the environment are manmade, resulted from the various activities in which toxic chemicals are used for various

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