Blues Music Similarities

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Similarities between Rock and Blues music Blues music is the inspiration behind almost every genre of music and has remained in the music industry for so long. Even rock music is seen to have originated from this genre. It started as a spinoff of rhythm and blues, and has gained much popularity across the world. Even though blues is the earliest genre to come into existence before rock music, they share some similarities which are: Both genres have used the same drum beat, main instruments, and same chords. The instruments are the same in that they often have same vocals, lead guitar, and even drum kit. How they play the drum in both genres is the same with a straight beat of 4:4. Some of the elements in rock demonstrate some qualities which…show more content…
This ranges from the instrument used to issue a message that the music is trying to communicate to the listeners. Blues music originated from Mississippi and Texas while rock music is believed to have originated from New Orleans, and they both moved to Chicago, where they started to gain popularity throughout the world. They were also first documented in the 19th century. Both genres are characterized by improvisation, which is used on electric guitar that makes the music sound-feel that is found in the traditional style of the Chicago music. These types of music combine many musical instruments, which amplify the beats, thereby making loud noise. Sometimes both music use piano accompanied by Hammond organs whose sound is always amplified with a tube that often provide the best sound quality to the instrument. To have a loud volume, musicians tend to use electric bass in both genres. Even though both genres have different audiences, the key word is that they both send some message to the listeners. For example, blues music makes one feel mature and at peace with who they are. On the other hand, rock music makes you feel young and passionate about life with all that it

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