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One of the leading singers in romance and pop was Neil Diamond. Neil Diamond had a mostly successful career with a couple little problems, but he had many opportunities with a lot of money being given to him, and his three different wives had inspired his romance songs that he was best known for by his fans. Diamond was a Grammy nominate and a part time actor as well as a songwriter. Diamonds early childhood had a big impact to his career. Neil and his acquaintance/high school friend Jack started a duet called Neil and Jack. He studied medicine at NYU but didn’t graduate. Diamond started to write and perform songs when in his mid-teens. He was raised in Brooklyn, New York. He was also a friend of Barbra Streiand when he was a child.…show more content…
On stage he uses his real name but he did pass up the name Ice Cherry (which seems to be a wise move) (Das 2011). Diamonds tragedies were way bigger than his attire, but he worried about his attire alot. Diamond was friends with his clothes designer so he didn’t want to neglect to wear the attires he gave him, but other people judged him unfairly because of it. (just like they did with Elvis). Some of the outfits looked like they came from the 80s but he still wore them to please his clothes designer (Das 2011). Neil was known for many things that made him famous. No matter how much fame he had, he was always Neil in his eyes. He thought he would never give up music from a certain perspective and it made him happy (Das 2011). Songwriters such as Carole King and Burt Bacharach made pop hits during the 1960s in Manhattan for a celebration. In the 1990s, Diamond made/recorded Lovescope for his complex pop song album (Freeland…show more content…
Neil owns his own recording studio. He has beautiful drawings in his studio in LA; he took the drawings as therapy when he painted them 20 years ago when he stopped smoking because he thought he was going to lose his voice. He was looking at a script for a movie with one of his songs in it and he was debating whether to do it because there was a heavy drug scene and he didn’t do drugs, but he was convinced to do it and he thought it turned out great. Diamond didn’t do drugs because he saw people acting funny and weird, and he had to set an example for his kids. When diamond played for his hometown fans in Madison Square, he rated that to be one of his top performances ever, after he realized he is not an “alone type of person”. Diamond found and collected royalties for the covers of his songs They included: Deep Purple’s “Kentucky Woman,” The Hollies’ “he ain’t heavy, he’s my brother,” Lulu’s “the boat that i row” and Cliff Richard’s “girl, you’ll be a woman soon.” He also had a tv special aired in 1977 on NBC (das 2011). Neil Diamond had 30 charting albums, 60 hits in the USA, and he is one of the top 20 most successful artists in the USA. This is proof that his track record speaks volume (larkin 2002). Although the audience didn’t vote for him, Diamond said that he loves them; before the start, Diamond e-mailed his friend Robbie to ask what to say (das

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