Old South Vs New South Essay

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Economy: Compare the economies of the New South and the Old South. What did they produce? With whom did they trade? Did they have manufacturing or industry? What types? What replaced slave labor? Explain. (Old South – see Chapter 11; New South – see pages 419-421) New South - i)Leaders in post-Reconstruction south wanted to develop industrial economy, New South of industry, progress, thrift. New South included growth of textile manufacturing b/c of water power, cheap labor, low taxes. Tobacco-processing industry also grew, including James Duke’s American Tobacco Company. Iron + steel industry also grew. ii)Railroad development increased dramatically, 1886 greater integration with rest of country when changed its gauge. However, growth of South…show more content…
In what ways were they restricted? Be sure to discuss the Jim Crow laws and relevant court cases. (Old South, see pages 358-359; New South, see pages 422-428.) New South - i) Pull Out of federal troops, loss of interest in Congress, and Supreme Court decisions regarding 14th & 15th Amdts (civil rights cases of 1883 prevented state discrimination but not private organizations of individuals). ii)Court validated separation of races- Plessy v Ferguson (1896) ruled separate accommodations did not deprive blacks of equal rights if accommodations were equal.Cumming v County Board of Education (1899)- laws for separate schools valid even if no comparable school for blacks existed. iii)Jim Crow Laws segregated almost every area of southern life. 1890s increased violence (lynchings, etc) to inhibit black movement for equal rights. An anti-lynching movement did emerge led by Ida B. Wells to pass national law enabling fed got to punish those responsible for lynchings. White supremacy diluted class animosities between poor whites and Bourbon oligarchs. Economic issues played secondary role to race, distracting people from social inequalities that affected blacks and

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