Comparison: Humans Vs. Chimpanzees

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For this last part I’m going to compare and contrast humans and ape, specifically chimpanzees. Humans and Chimps have many differences, lets start with communication. Humans communicate with other humans through speech. We human learn words since we are babies and as we get older we develop a vast vocabulary. We are able to form sentences and we can even learn multiple languages. Chimpanzees communicate through sound; those sounds are different vocal calls. When they are in danger, or someone is invading their territory, or if they find food, they can make a hoot or even a grunt. Humans can communicate with feeling, we can put our emotions to what we are saying. When we talk words come out of our mouth and sounds only come out of the chimpanzees…show more content…
We also have more space in our surface which gives us the ability to function better. Another difference is the intelligence between humans and chimpanzees. Our brain sizes are one the difference, with humans having a about twice the size than the brain chimps have. We have a much higher capability to memorize things than chimps do. We also have the ability to compare things unlike chimps. The human skull is protected; it is also supported right above the vertebral column. The chimp’s skull is ahead of the vertebral column. Behavior is another difference between the chimpanzees and us. We do live in social groups but it we do not need them in order to stay alive. Chimpanzees need to live in social groups to unite when an enemy steps in their territory. They also need those groups to find food. We don’t, we can get a job and buy our own food, without the need of a group. Humans and chimpanzees do not only have differences but they also have similarities. An example is that chimpanzees can be taught words like, water, cat, and apple. In class we were shown a video that demonstrates a chimpanzee learn all of

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