Proslavery Movement Research Paper

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The Proslavery Movement Slavery was once a very morally divisive topic in the Americas. Slaves did not just work on plantations. In certain cities they did numerous jobs such as: they cleaned the streets, toiled as bricklayers, blacksmiths, and bakers. There were arguments saying that people for and against it. The South used propaganda to convince citizens how it was ok to use slave labor. Books and pamphlets were used as tools to share their ideologies. Some felt it was unconstitutional because all men were not treated some were full Americans and some were 3/5ths. Others knew it was substantial to the economy for slave labor to continue. The south would use any factor to argue slavery was needed and justified. Keeping the social order…show more content…
Trying to get rid of slavery is foolishly utopian and impractical; only a silly optimists would think everyone could be equal to one another. Their views were transported throughout different speeches and newspaper. When Abraham Lincoln was elected southerners greatly disagreed with his plan not to expand slavery in new territories. Southern pro-slavery politicians theorized that slavery made sure there was economic stability. It made sure that there was a poor class and a rich class. So in the theory that slavery was necessary it showed that slaves was better for society. These and other arguments fought for the rights of the propertied elite against what were perceived as threats from the abolitionists, lower classes and non-whites to gain higher economic status. Slaves meant wealth for the south and the felt their economic situation was seamless.. Politicians saw the abolition of slavery as a threat to their powerful Southern way of life. If slaves were freed it seems that there would be a giant gap on the political spectrum. If slaves were given the right to vote it seems the abolitionist supporting party would seem almost…show more content…
The Mudsill theory states that there must always be a lower class in society for the upper class to sit on. Many saw right through the obvious flaw being that there is no race that is designated to be lower. It was figured to just be a way create your own logic to show that you are right. Proslavery supporters stated that slavery was just a form of labor just like how poorer classes in Europe. Defenders of slavery argued that their labor with the poor of Europe and the workers in the Northern states was almost the same thing and that slaves were better cared for. They said that their owners would care for them and assist them when they were sick and aged, unlike labor once fired from their work, were left to fend helplessly for themselves. They would rather have people work and have shelter then have different races coincide with each

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