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The advert "Think of both sides" is an advert on the importance of safe driving. The visual and text based advert was first published and aired in December of 2013. It has three main types of visuals; it has two parents at the front of the moving car who are each preoccupied with different activities, the father is on the phone while the mother is holding a map while talking to the father at the front there is a school child crossing the road and is about to be hit by th car since the driver is distracted by many things, in the back of the car is the child of the two parents in the front his face is juxtaposed with that of the child about to be hit by the car who has his hands up in defense and has his mouth wide open in shock just before…show more content…
The central part of the visual advert is that of the two faces of the child at the back of the car and the child about to be hit mixed in together, this it brings about an emotional reaction to any audience, regardless of age, gender. This is because of what is about to happen to the child in front. Now this message it will have more effect on someone who is a parent and who would understand the pain of losing a child. Therefore it appeals to vulnerability inside these individuals. The look of shock on the child at the fronts wide open mouth and the calm manner in the toddlers in the back of the car is supposed to show a juxtaposition of helpless innocence of both children and is meant to elicit the same shocked reaction from the target audience as is on one of the children and a looking within for the target audience regarding their driving habits .Other people looking at this advert would also think of their future offspring or young people in their lives and what this will lead to is a change in driving culture since the authors connect with a raw part of these parents/would be parents and the larger societies psyche as regards safe

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