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While I was surfing the Internet and looking through different magazines with an eye to find a good print advertisement, I saw plenty of different ads. Everything was very boring and vapid. I even got an idea to make up an ad by myself. Fate has smiled upon me at last and the treasure was found! When I looked at the Listerine print ad I immediately understood that it was what I have been looking for so long. This advertisement is for the Listerine Company and it promotes their famous product- mouthwash. The Listerine print ad is a great representative of a real, attractive and competent advertisement, because it designed for a large audience; it is creative and stunning; and it has a profound meaning. That is why it immediately got my attention.…show more content…
It is so diverse because absolutely anyone is able to find him or herself in the context of the meal illustrated on the Listerine’s print ad. A student that is always chewing writing utensils during his classes can easily find a munched pencil on the top of the burger’s bun. A businessperson immediately focuses on the cell phone, as it is his everyday gadget and source of his success. A housewife that usually deals with a household is able to recognize gloves in the middle of the meal, as she probably washes dishes in such gloves. Even though children do not really use a mouthwash, they still can be attracted by the hamburger that has candies among its ingredients. That is why this ad can be meaningful to many…show more content…
First, it shows the product, which is Listerine bottle of mouthwash in the left corner that connects a viewer of the ad with the brand. Second, the image of “fusion-cuisine” hamburger plays a role of metaphor in this ad, as it introduces something seemingly unrelated, and at the same time steals your attention. However, when you finally discern ingredients of this meal, you realize that absolutely everything makes sense and has a tight connection with the brand, their concept and

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