Education Development In Kuwait

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Education Development in Kuwait Education has done a noticeable effect in development over the years, demonstrating a remarkable shift in Kuwait development, as well as in the world collectively. The factors that distinguish Kuwait now from Kuwait in the past are human resources and rapid development. Irrespective of illiteracy in the past, Kuwait has done a giant leap to accomplish literacy to the population through encouraging and offering free education to their citizens. As a result, Kuwait education enhanced their infrastructure, financial, health, and technological support. However, comparing Kuwait to other developed countries, it is noticed that those countries are having new techniques and methods of teaching students, which are…show more content…
Creativity is the seed that must be planted inside students to build their ability to handle difficulties by being able to formulate hypothesis in order to find solutions (Torrance, 2003). Education in Kuwait suffers from being outside the international standards of advanced education systems in developed countries and thereby does not prove reliable enough due to that. Worldwide, education witness’s non-stop changes and countries that seek progress aim at reaching the pinnacle by adopting the recent teaching methodologies. On the other hand, Kuwait’s education system still dwells in the past, and it misses creativity in teaching methods. Instructors in Kuwait have a difficulty in employing strategies that help students understand the materials taught in class, especially when they are not interested in the subject. Nowadays, teachers of the modern generation need to have new skills to keep pace with the current era. Most developed countries are now using a consistent method at schools called entertainment education which was introduced by Rapeepisarn, Wong, Fung and Depickere in 2006. Researchers have found that the easiest way to benefit students is by making them understand their lessons effortlessly through allowing them to feel excited and thrilled. Therefore, teachers created entertainment education…show more content…
Nowadays, the technological revolution rules the world, and it has become the main priority in today’s modern life. One of the main reasons to use technology in education is that the young generation of students enjoy technology and find it attention-grabbing, and it allows the teachers to vary the class activities to engage students during the lessons. Students these days spend hours using electronic devices such as tablets and smart televisions. In the meantime, technological education allows the four key components of learning which are: active engagement, participation in groups, frequent interaction and feedback, and connection to real-world experts (citation). The Kuwaiti ministry of education should update their conventional systems entirely to become technologically advanced to upgrade the entire teaching methodology so that students comprehend their lessons and teachers follow more flexible ways to deliver information. Moreover, there are several devices that would make education easier for students. One way instructors can engage their students is through the use of the electronic books and interactive whiteboards, which are becoming highly popular among learners all over the world but still need long time before becoming part of the Kuwaiti educational system. Another method that can enhance the educational experience is having

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