Economic Impact Of Cars Essay

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The production of cars on a commercial scale began in 1890 in Europe where the automotive industry primarily consisted of companies producing cars by handicraft methods. However, when cars were introduced in the US most plants started to produce by assembly line operations, putting together components and parts that were manufactured by other firms. It was just owing to the invention of mass production techniques that the US dominated the world automotive industry for the first half of the 20th century. Soon, mass production became the standard operating mechanism of the industry. The automotive industry had a great social and economic impact in the US, because it drastically changed people's life while completely transforming the economy of the country. Consequently to…show more content…
Besides, most houses were built with garages, and the number of commuters increased. As the automotive industry grew, new jobs started to be created. The US automotive industry witnessed a great boom over those years, and automotive sales could be considered as reliable indicators of the health of the US economic. Cars have played a main role in people's life since their first appearance. They have not only changed the way we live, but they have also affected all aspects of our society in such a way that nowadays it is really hard to conceive of a world without them. They are the most popular and easiest method of transportation. It is thanks to cars that we can move faster while having access to resources we could not get once. The most important US automotive producers are based in Detroit, Michigan, which at the beginning of the twentieth century was considered as the

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