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Ingredients, Benefits, and the Benefits of Wheat Everyone, of course, on wheat. Many snacks made from wheat such as bread, biscuits and Wheat Noodles, Pasta Wheat, Oatmeal and other segainya. Other tastes good wheat also contains a lot of carbohydrates. Usually used for the production of wheat flour, animal feed up to alcoholic fermentation. One of the staple food, it is also rich in amino acids that are good for the development of the fetus. Wheat is one of the food is rich in fiber, folate, vitamin A and substances that make it easier to digest in your stomach. Because it can make full, the grain can be used as a substitute for other heavy foods. Suitable for food when dieting. Wheat Overview: - Trees wheat Prehistoric people are familiar…show more content…
Wheat can be classified based on the texture of wheat seed (kernel), the color of the seed coat (bran), and the growing season. Based on kernel texture, wheat is classified into hard, soft, and durum. Meanwhile, based on the color of bran, wheat is classified into red (red) and white (white). For the growing season, wheat is divided into winter (winter) and spring (spring). However, wheat is generally classified into hard wheat, soft wheat and durum wheat. - Types of Wheat A. T. aestivum (hard wheat) Wheat species T. aestivum is the most widely grown in the world and is widely used as a raw material for making bread because it has a high protein content. This grain has a characteristic outer skin is brown, hard seeds, and high water absorbent. Each grain consists of two to five grains. B. T. compactum (soft wheat) T. compactum is a different species and only a few are grown. Each grain consists of three to five pieces, white to red, the seeds are soft, absorbent low water and low protein yield. Type of wheat is typically used to make biscuits and sometimes make bread. C. T. durum (durum
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