Summary Of Daphne Du Maurier's Rebecca

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From the beginning of the novel Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier it is that Max a wealthy man of Manderly estate is very reserved in expressing his feeling towards his new wife, the narrator. Maxim is seen pushing away the narrator and shutting her out of his thoughts. His secrets and him not letting her completely in leads the narrator to believe he essentially is still in love with his late wife, Rebecca. In the end it seen that Max becomes vulnerable only when he thinks he’s going to get arrested for the killing of his late wife, Rebecca. Max finally tells the narrator finally that he loved her, and the only reason he was so drawn back is because of she had known the truth she would love him no longer. vulnerability more about not wanting…show more content…
In the past Beatrice and Benedick were in a relationship, but in the end after leading her on he abandoned her. Beatrice can never have a conversation with Benedick without them insulting each other, or making witty jokes at each other. It can be insinuated that Beatrice insults and jokes to Benedick come from her being hurt in the past by Benedick, and even further more her perhaps still being in love with him. Beatrice goes as far to insinuating that she never wants to be married or fall in love because she feels there is no point of love. Once, she is tricked by her cousin Hero, by saying that Benedick loves her she is happy, but at the same time distressed because her relationship. In the end she only makes herself vulnerable to Bendick after knowing or perhaps thinking that he loves her. After telling others and herself that she never wants to be married because she hasn’t found the man for her, she finally lets realizes all along she’s in love with Benedick . Like C.S Lewis said “To love is to be vulnerable” in order for Beatrice to truly love Benedick she has to become vulnerable and expose her true feeling towards…show more content…
Siddhartha Gautama, a Brahmin who grows up living his life to becoming great Brahmin like his father. Siddhartha realizes he is content with the life he lives, but yet he still feels as if something is missing from his it. Siddhartha leaves home in search finding out who he wants to be, what he missing from life, and how to fill that void. Siddhartha feels that there is more for him to see, and more for him to be doing. He becomes an Ascetic, a person who lives a life of strict discipline without pleasure and comforts, for some years thinking he has found his calling, but after a while he realizes he has not. He then becomes a merchant, and experiences pleasure, wealth, and greed living the life as merchant for years. He realizes one day, after having a dream about a bird dying, the merchant life is not for him anymore. Siddhartha doing through the stages of his life of being a prince, and ascetic, and merchant, and a ferryman finally makes him see who he really is. At the last stage of his life he finally realizes he need to go through all the stages to make realize he has discovered who he really is. When he discovers this, he finally becomes free, he doesn’t have to keep going not feeling he like he did not achieve Nirvana like he wanted to all along. Siddhartha can finally rest, be at peace and free knowing who he really

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