How Does War Change The World

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When a person goes to war, he must be ready that he will come back absolutely changed, of course, if he comes back. War is a whole new different world, and certainly, everything there is different. In different environment, different world people change as well, they change according to the environment and get adapted to it. As the war is absolutely different world, people there change extremely. Soldiers, who have been in the war, will never be able to live as they used to do before, as front becomes their family, their house and they even feel like strangers at home, they become absolutely different people, their ideologies, priorities change and they begin think differently, they also lose their individuality and become just one part of the whole. Front becomes soldiers' second family, second house and they feel like strangers when they go to their real house. They get so used to being there and to the people who are with them, that their old family in their minds is replaced by them. When on the front, someone says that he wants home, no one thinks about that house where they left families, they all think about huts where they live while they do not fight. '''I wish I were back home.'…show more content…
In war soldiers lose their individuality, and stop thinking about others as individuals as well. This is the reason why a single death does not matter in the war, as it does not change the whole. Soldiers also change their priorities and ideologies, which is followed by the change of the way they think and perceive things. Their old, real houses and families are also placed by front and other soldiers, their comrades, in their minds, which causes their houses to become foreign for them. So, according to these facts, they will never be able to go back to their old lives, to become those people who they were before taking part in the war. They are cut off from their old
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