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The Dust Bowl The name “Dust Bowl” was given to the Great Plains region d evastated by a drought in the 1930s that led to a great depression. Oklahoma and Texas panhandles and neighboring sections of Kansas, Colorado, and New Mexico, has little rainfall, light soil, and high winds, which was a very bad combination. The drought was from 19371943, those 4 years were very crucial for families living in these areas because, soil dried up, which meant they couldn’t farm, so therefore they couldn’t eat. All the hard work and time was spent into these farms and they were now wasted from a drought but it only got worse. The Dust Bowl had another name it was called the Dirty 30s, it got this name because throughout the whole 1930s the Dust bowl had taken over.…show more content…
People wore gauze masks and put wet sheets over their windows, but buckets of dust still managed to get inside their homes. Short on oxygen, people could barely breathe. Outside, the dust piled up like snow, burying cars and homes. People that were allergic to dust possibly could have died. All the dust in houses and just everywhere was just period was a lot to handle. Some people had very bad allergies and couldn’t survive in dusty areas. Dust pneumonia started to hit people very hard, dust pneumonia is when your lungs get filled with dust inflaming the alveoli. Dust mask were worn just because of that reason because majority of the people with the pneumonia would end up dying. Asthma was really an issue because if you can not breathe when there is dust everywhere it will only be worse when there is dust involved. Asthma attacks were very common in this time because everything was so clogged and thick you couldn’t even breathe in the air. To me, if people in these areas knew that the dust bowl was coming it would have been a lot better. I say this this because they would have had more time to build certain things to keep

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