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THE DUST BOWL 2 Abstract This paper provides a general overview of one of the most ecological and destructive disasters remembered as, The Dust Bowl. It briefly explains how farmers of the 1930’s plowed the land to make a profit from a fallen economy after World War I. Inhabitants of the Great Plains faced a terrible drought accompanied with reoccurring dust storms and black blizzards that lasted almost a decade. These events made the people of the Great Plains loose hope in one of the most powerful countries of the world as no one came to their aid. Keywords: Drought, dust, storms, farmers, plains, wheat, soil THE DUST BOWL…show more content…
Silica was considered to be as lethal as lead, one of the most dangerous hazards to the human body. Scientists found that an epidemic of measles resulted from the black blizzards and the dust storms. Animals like: cattle, horses, rabbits, mice and birds faced many health disparities from the black blizzards and dust storms. Cows and horses died from breathing in the dust and baby calves were suffocated within hours after being born. The little water that remained in rivers was rapidly covered by…show more content…
It was after the black Friday storm that the necessity for help was inevitable and Roosevelt asked the congress for money to help the inhabitants in areas facing the most need. Congress responded quickly to the demand and granted the president with millions of dollars to help the people in the plains. “The biggest chunks, totaling $275 million, were for cattlemen to provide emergency feed loans, to purchase some of their starving stock, and to slaughter the animals and can their meat for the poor” (Worster 2004, p.40). Needy farmers were also granted large sums of money; they were offered public jobs as well as cash incentives. The federal government also created loan programs for farmers to buy seeds for their

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