Dumb People Research Paper

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Smart House Dumb People Technology can be entertaining but when we drown ourselves in it we can block out information that is sedimentary and lose out on potential knowledge of everyday life skills. In the Disney Channel movie Smart House a 13 year old boy won a computerized home and even gave it a name “Pat” The more evolved technology becomes the more we as humans will rely on it. The movie Smart House shows that as humans dependence on technology increases there will be a similar decrease in everyday skills that are considered conventional. The excessive use of technology can overpower the need of human interaction physical and emotional. In Smart House the boy tries to replace the physical need for a woman in the house with Pat which is the name of the computerized home he won. Pat cooks, cleans, wakes them up, and even holds full conversations with the family. The more control you give technology the more dependent and addicted you become to it. The family didn’t have to do much but use their mouths to tell Pat what they need and it was presented to them within the snap of a finger.…show more content…
Everyday somebody comes up with something new that will “help” us as humans, but in reality it is actually dumbing us down. Cell phones were originally supposed to make communication easier than waiting days or even months for a letter to come in the mail. Which took away the need for writing. Now they have totally transformed the communication to research also. You no longer need to think and read to find things out in modern time. All you have to do is google, Bing it and the answers are at your fingertips. The evolution of technology will never stop but this will also cause an extinction to humans being able to function by themselves without
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