The Norm Is The Image Of God Analysis

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The words above were edged into the wooden panels as constant reminders to the persons of Waknuk that any deviation from what was deemed normal was not accepted. David Strorm, was highly regarded by the people in Waknuk and was a very religious person, to the point where he was viewed as an extremist in his faith and accepted no deviation from the bible not even when it relates to his own family. Because of his belief and strong influence along with all other residents of Waknuk, families were forced to leave their homeland Waknuk and move to the Fringes if they had a family member that was not ‘normal’ or had any kind of deformity. Joseph Strorm did not hold back as he disowned his own brother known in the story as Gordon aka Spiderman. Reading this paragraph made me think of a cult and how the leader would have all his followers under his control and will cut anyone who deviated from the truth and the norm. They remained an order because of fear of punishment. 3.…show more content…
Chapter 3 Page 10 paragraph 2 – 'The Norm is the Image of God’.” You do know — and yet, knowing this, you deliberately wished yourself a Mutant. That is a terrible thing, an outrageous thing. You, my son, committing blasphemy, and before his parents!' In his sternest pulpit voice, he added: 'What is a Mutant?"A thing accursed in the sight of God and man",' I mumbled. 'And that is what you wished to be! What have you to say?' With a heart-sunk certainty that it would be useless to say anything, I kept my lips shut and my eyes lowered. 'Down on your knees!' he commanded. 'Kneel and pray!'The others all knelt, too. My father's voice

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