Donald Trump Political Campaign Analysis

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Political advertising has strongly emerged in the United States of America, because politicians became aware of its strong impact on political communication and mobilizitation. Political campaigns are nowadays subjected to rigorous linguistic and discourse analysis. Thus, politicians hire professionals to carry out their political campaign. The political campaign of Donald Trump was a subject of many analyses including his non-verbal behaviour. He has been often criticised for his expressive behaviour characterised with goggling, the “zipped” smile and his “alpha-male” face. These tend to be his dominant expressions. The body language expert Carol Kinsey Goman wrote in Forbes that his body movement “signals precision and control”. The analyses of Halliday’s ideational, intrapersonal and textual functions will portray how Trump manages to present his alpha-male face and how his body language signals domination and control. The image below (Picture 1) is one of the official posters of Donald…show more content…
Sometimes, the most informative content is reflected through his use of body posture and facial expressions. A Psychological Analysis of Donald Trump conducted by Dr. Bilal Ghandour portrays Donald Trump as a narcissist who is intensely focused on himself and belittles others. Trump’s behaviour and non-verbal reactions are seen as exploitative and impulsive. On the Second Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump interrupted the reporter all the time trying to dodge the questions. When Hillary was answering the questions, he used his zipped smile to belittle his opponent (Picture 3). Moreover, his body posture was bold, competitive and self-assured. The multimodal discourse analysis of his behaviour indicates that he is a dramatic attention-getter. He consciously uses several modes (language, facial expressions and body posture) to belittle his

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