Donald Trump Illegal Immigration Analysis

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Illegal immigrants in America are dealing with a more prevalent threat of being deported due to the presidential campaign of Donald Trump. When immigrants act out of order in society, their actions exemplify stereotypes implemented by ignorant people who believe immigrants are “murderers, rapists and drug dealers”. As stated by Donald Trump in one of his interviews, this belief gives a bad name to all the hard working immigrants in America pursuing the American dream. Donald trump’s plan to deal with this so called situation on undocumented immigrants is to deport all illegal immigrants even the ones born in America which he considers them “Anchor baby’s” to then reconstruct the broader wall separating Mexico and the united states to prevent…show more content…
Many powerful immigration figures and supporters are standing up for the innocent, hardworking immigrants who are at risk of being deported and separated from their families. The invalid stereotypes implemented by some political figures and us citizens are being brought to light. The realization that illegal immigrants aren’t perfect and do commit crimes is inevitable but to jump the gun and categorize all illegal immigrants as “murders, drug dealers, and criminals” is a rather overly dramatic. As stated by professional “Both the Census-data driven studies and macro-level studies find that immigrants are less crime-prone than natives with some small potential exceptions (Nowrasteh, 2015).” As we can see the stereotypes defiantly do not add up to the hard core facts. Something people should consider before making outrageous statements without having valid and concrete…show more content…
according to a census conducted in 2014. Many times we only hear the objectifying views on immigrant but never take into consideration what they have to say as if there opinion in obsolete. During this most controversial presidential campaign would be the best time to personify the voice of the illegal community due to the serious precautions that will take place if Donald trump is elected president. I honestly respected Donald trump before he started to run for president with all of his accomplishments as a businessman a true entrepreneur but his views for the American society is rather objectifying when talking about a community where I understand the difficulty’s and struggles they have to endure to be falsely personified is unfair and ignorant in Donald trump’s part. I believe he should just stick with the business and economic aspect of American

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