Donald Trump Illegal Immigration Analysis

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Amber Phillips of The Washington Post wrote an article titled Donald Trump says illegal immigrants ‘have to go.’ Only 31 percent of Republicans agree. The article explains how Donald Trump proposes to deport immigrants convicted of a crime and detaining and deporting immigrants caught crossing the border illegally. Trump wants to triple the number of law-enforcement agents working to guard the border and implement a national e-verify system. He states how he will keep the families together, but “they have to go” because America needs its country back. However, America as a whole is against his plan. Half of his conservative support, Republicans, support a path to citizenship while Democrats as a whole agree with letting illegal immigrants stay.…show more content…
Wright Mills by his ties to the military, corporate and now the political realm of America. Mills stated “Here is the money talking in its husky, silky voice of cash, power, celebrity”. This husky voice is Donald Trump. C. Wright Mills explained that national elites who hold the majority of power in the United States, move between positions to increase their power. Donald Trump graduated from military academy and now owns various businesses and buildings across the United States making him a real estate mogul. He is so distant from the average person because of his financial status that he does not know how the common person lives or works. As a result, he is proposing a plan that will affect almost all of America. He is blaming the decline of labor force and unemployment on foreign workers because he feels that his money and power is being risked due to the increase in unemployment. Yet, he does not understand that America is a melting pot of different cultures. Mills theory proves that the economies big businesses are merging with…show more content…
Wright Mills identified in American society which are alienation, moral insensibility, threats to democracy, threats to human freedom, and conflict in human reason. Trump wants to alienate the illegal immigrants by increasing the number of agents working to guard the border and by preventing them from obtaining a job through an e-verify system. Morally, he does not care about splitting up families or hindering young adults from receiving a proper education. Trump states after he was asked what would happen to those immigrants who do not have a place to go to when they go back, “We will work with them. They have to go”. Families took the risk of crossing the border in order to obtain the American dream and now Donald Trump is revoking it from them. C. Wright Mills also explained that these powerful upper class individuals that hold the majority of power, make decisions that resounded throughout all American lives. His proposal sounds similar to Adolf Hitler’s proposal towards the Jews. Moreover, his decision will create a racial problem between minorities and whites. Donald Trump is a threat to democracy because he has rich supporters who are increasing his chance of becoming president. His beliefs parallel those of a fascist because he targets minorities and appeals to emotion rather than

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