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When I was in the 6th grade the Spanish class planned to do a mock Quinceanera everyone was looking forward to it and was excited. The day of the party we learned that a grade of little kids were going to be attending the party as well and it put half of the class, me included, into a bad mood because it felt like they were intruding on our party. The situation just got worst because for the whole party I was moody and agitated thinking ¨why are these little kids even here it’s over party not theirs¨. I would complained about the little kids through the whole party with my other classmates and was cold toward the younger kids. Once the party was over our homeroom teacher and spanish teacher yelled at us for acting so rude and inconsiderate to the…show more content…
Looking back on it my perspective has changed incredibly from what I felt during the party. My view is much like the one I had after the teachers reprimanded us, we were completely wrong acting the way we did. I acted like a spoiled brat who was cold and rude to innocent little kids just because I thought they shouldn’t have been there. My attitude was the product of acting like the masses and being self centered, I know that I should have just accepted the fact that they were there and welcomed them if I had done this I probably would have enjoyed myself all the same like if they weren’t there. The problem was nowhere never as serious as we had thought at the time. I treated the kids like they had trampled in on a high horse and took over the party instead of how they actually were at the party, young's kids how wanted to have fun with some big kids. The whole issue was blown out of proportion. Going to the statement ¨time heals all wounds¨ I have to disagree because even though it’s been around 5 years since it happened I carry the guilt with me

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