Personal Narrative: Pixies

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Just because I have a hook for a hand doesn’t mean I’m a bad guy. The person who got credited for being the good guy in my story was actually the one causing all the trouble. I was trying to do the right thing the whole time. Pixies are believed to be good creatures that help save the day. What you don’t know is that Pixies actually hate children. Little kids are easily attracted to Pixies by their bright colors, glitter, and flying ability. Most Pixies have horrible memories of small children plucking them from the air and hurting them. On some occasions, the Pixies have had their wings ripped off. One day the Pixies decided to make a stand for themselves. They knew that Peter Pan wanted immortality and they could give it to him. In exchanged…show more content…
This lead me to seeking help from other magical beings. There was always talk of a magical crocodile who lived deep in a swamp. You dare not disturb him unless you had an immense problem. One day a crew of my men and I started our search. We found and caught hundreds of crocodiles and with no luck, we were at the point of giving up and admitting defeat. Then one day we caught a crocodile and it started talking. We were all shocked and for a second we didn’t know how to react. We knew this had to be the crocodile that we had been searching for. I began by telling him about Peter Pan and his evil wrongdoings. After that, I explained my mission of saving boys from him. I needed to be immortal too, so that I could complete my mission and defeat Peter Pan. I didn’t know how long that would take, so I wanted to make sure I had all the time I needed. It’s been said that all magic comes with a price. For me the price was my hand. To replace my hand, I received a hook. There was a catch though, I couldn’t tell the children to real reason I had a hook for a hand until they decided to join me on my ship. This was because the crocodile’s magic was so powerful and he was so hard to find. He didn’t want a bunch of children to come looking for him and get hurt in the…show more content…
All the boys got together and plotted against Peter Pan. They decided the best way to get back home would be to try to contact me. The boys knew they couldn’t all go at once because that would be suspicious. Their plan was to send three boys to venture to the other side of the island where Captain Hook was known to reside. They had always been warned to stay away from that side of the island because Peter Pan filled their heads with the notion that I was the bad

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