The White Castle Analysis

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Fight For What You Believe In the novel The White Castle by Orhan Pamuk gives many examples of how the author uses past events to influence your thought on this novel. “ Our cowardly caption had just died at the stake, and as a warning to others, they’d cut off the noses and ears of the sailors who’d lashed the slaves, then set them adrift on a raft” (Orhan 16). This book starts off in a dark place when the author talks about past events. Like when there ship got overrun by the Turks and the Christians were now there slaves. A clue that the narrator gives us about events in the future is when the narrator begins to earn the Turks trust. Later on in the novel the narrator uses this trust to try and help himself. “ When Hoja had questions after his…show more content…
Just from reading this you can tell that this book has a dark vibe to it, and that Hoja isn’t the type of person you want to be around. From reading this I could infer that Hoja wouldn’t make the narrator's life very easy. The main purpose of this passage was to show us Hoja’s true colors. If he can make a kid cry, then imagine what he would do to a normal person. “ We passed that winter at home like so many before and so many to come: nothing at all happened”(Orhan 51). Things start to settle down for Hoja and the narrator. As said in the quote nothing new has happened and it will stay like this for some time. Nothing has happened and nothing will have a very valued meaning in this novel. Once the narrator said that you could infer then there wasn’t going to be really anything exciting happening for a while. “ I imagined and relived the good and the bad experiences I’d had before I became a slave, and in the end, I realized I had enjoyed the exercise”(Orhan 62). After reading this part my impression of the story turned completely around. After being a slave I wouldn’t want to call it fun or that it was good exercise. I think the purpose of this was to show that the narrator forgives the
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