The Frost Giant's Daughter Theme

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: The story we are going to talk about is called “ The Frost Giant’s daughter.” Rachel will be summarizing the story for us. R: In somewhere near Nordeim, Conan had a battle with some men and he survived in the fight alone with serious injuries. He met a beautiful woman, Atali, the daughter of Ymir, the frost giant. With mocking and teasing by Atali, Conan followed her into a trap- which Atali two giant brothers would slay Conan and took his heart to present it to Ymir; however, the brother did not succeed. Conan stabbed the brother's thighs to get away from the danger. Conan was very angry so he captured the frost giant daughter. Atali called upon her father to save her. With Ymir’s help, Atali disappeared in a stroke of lightning and Conan…show more content…
Atali is the reason for Conan’s lust to show. Having a stereotypical body image of female and almost wearing entirely nothing, she has provoked Conan’s thirst for flesh and is able to drive Conan easily into her brothers’ trap. Good versus evil is a common theme throughout the Conan saga; it is where Conan goes against his antagonists and defeats them regardless of the difficulties he encounters. In the case of “The Frost Giant’s Daughter”, Conan is against Atali and her two frost-giant…show more content…
In the story, Atali let the readers see Conan actually has something that is in common with us rather than doing things that normal people cannot do—all human-beings appreciate beautiful things. When Conan saw Atali, he lost his mind, his thoughts. Atali’s beauty blinds his good sense. However, Conan is still able to fight against the giants when he has to. Fighting becomes his first instinct. He is still brave and strong. The story shows another side of Conan other than a hero. He will get excited, passionate, and fierce in front of a beautiful woman what struck his heartstring. It can create a closer connection between the protagonist Conan and readers since Conan is more like a normal man who also has emotions rather than killing as a savage all the time. Robert E. Howard uses similes and metaphors, as well as descriptive details to create the immersive images for readers. For example, the simile that describes Conan “shake the blindness out of his eyes as a lion might shake his mane,” which simply compares Conan with a lion to show his strength and the prideful posture that a powerful winner would have after winning a

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