Anxiety And Panic Attacks-Personal Narrative

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When I was in 8th grade I started to get anxiety. I didn't tell anyone and kept quite. When I would go to school or anywhere that had quite a bit of people I would get panic attacks. My heart would race and I would feel like I was going to pass out, I would feel like I could cry for a week and sweat like crazy. This was really hard for me to overcome and I still haven't completely yet, but I am getting better. I can go places without freaking out. I still have panic attacks sometimes but its pretty much better. I'm going to tell you the story of how I overcame this obstacle. I was at school and I started to feel overwhelmed. I felt so fat compared to the other girls. I was unhappy with my body. This wasn't an exactly new feeling but when I started to feel hot and fatigued I didn't know why. I had never had this happen to me before. I went to the bathroom and started crying and hyperventilating. I didn't understand what was happening at the time but I was having a panic/anxiety attack. This wasn't a good feeling at all. I couldn't breath and felt like I was going to collapse. After a few minutes it stopped.…show more content…
" For the last few weeks i have been depressed and having these fits like I can barely breath and I cry and feel like i'm having a heart attack". " What you are experiencing are panic attacks. I think you have anxiety." se said kindly. "This is basically when your body's chemical balance is off and you experience panic when you shouldn't." Now that I knew what was happening to me she was able to help. We came up with a plan and coping skills. I would go to places that made my anxiety worse because if I stayed away from those places because of my panic attacks then I would never overcome

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