Domestic Violence Case Study

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Domestic Violence Counsellor/ Counselling for the domestic violence by her husband Mental Health Doctor for her depression/anxiety/isolated/ Child Phycologist/ Julie needs to be assess and treated/ witnessed domestic violence/being abuse Department of Housing/ To seek affordable housing/ emergency accommodation Q6. What barriers might prevent them from accessing these services, eg. Cost, anxiety, sleep deprivation, etc. What questions would you ask to identify barriers and how would you address them? Ref: Anxiety/ Panic Attack: Some people cannot be in a situation where they will be the centre of attention. This could cause fear which leads to panic attack and anxiety which would stop Jane from attending the meeting. Anxiety is an unpleasant feeling that Jane’s going through she is faced with challenges, things that she is…show more content…
It’s very important to find the right mental health professional to suit her individual needs. There are many other ways people can help themselves to get better and stay well like going for walks to the park Lack of motivation: Jane could wake up on the morning of the interview and does not feel like going to the meeting. No one around her to remind her or motivate her that this meeting could be the break-through that she is looking for. So it is important as a Case Worker on the day prior to the meeting just to give Jane a friendly reminder and encouragement to attend the meeting. Difficulty sleeping and she’s tired most of the time, with flashbacks. Sleep deprivation deprives people of energy for physical activity. I will ask her what causes her sleeplessness, is it excitement before bedtime or intense emotional distress. I would suggest to Jane to practise yoga during the day for relaxation read a book with an interesting story that will make her happy feels better before she goes to
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