Rational Choice Theory Of Domestic Violence Essay

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Domestic violence is defined as the inflicting or physical injury by one family or household member on another (Merriam Webster Dictionary). This has been a very harmful crime and has had its share of transitions over the past four decades. As we know, the criminal justice system has gradually changed which has been for the better of our country. According to the Nation Coalition Against Domestic Violence, it reports that Domestic violence is the most underreported crime in the United States and not even half of them are reported to the police. The question at hand is why are these cases never reported? What resists victims (which are usually women) from saving not just them but their family from this crisis and what could be done? People…show more content…
When you are in a confrontational event with your significant other, you know their weaknesses and what you can and can’t get away with. Men are usually the offenders in most domestic violence cases and they know what to do to get away with domestic violence. This also relates to the deterrence theory also had a part in this experiment. People choose to obey or violate the law after calculating the gains and consequences of their actions (J.Dilulio) In the book “Domestic Violence and Abuse: (L. Finley) she goes in depth explaining how the Rational Choice Theory and Domestic Violence signify why offenders perform these actions. She says that “Research in the 1980s during the height of the influence of the rational choice theory, men engage in rational choice calculations in the domestic violence conflicts.” She also goes one explaining how unemployed or unmarried men offenders are the increase arrest and incidences of this crime which could also lead domestic violence towards the famous Strain Theory. As we know, everyone wants the finer things in life. Robert Merton explains this as the “American Dream.” Men are known to be the breadwinners for their families and are usually the head of the household, but sometimes this isn’t the case. The strain theory explains how our society is set up to reach these specific goals and social norms to be

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