Does Mushrooms Make Sense

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‘Analyse the text to show how language use relates to the texts wider context’ “Mushrooms make sense” is a persuasive and partially informative advertisement placed in a magazine. Its primary motive is to convince its audience to introduce mushrooms, or more mushrooms, into their diet. Though it is an advertisement, it doesn’t have the typical graphology of a usual advertisement; it has a larger amount of text, which encourages the audience to make their own mind up about the product/idea they are advertising, rather than a primarily ‘picture’ advertisement – which tends to attempt to manipulate the mind into thinking it must have the product/idea. However, within the texts, there are many literary techniques used to advertise which relate to the texts wider context – which…show more content…
One example of informative writing is “…B vitamins and minerals”. These are explicit facts regarding mushrooms, ones that can’t be disputed. One feature to note is that there are no auxiliary verbs such as “are” or “do” – this is because it doesn’t need any modal/auxiliary verbs to add to confirmation – the fact is it does have “B vitamins and minerals”. This is effective in informative writing as it adds clarity and lays some authority over the reader, relating to the context in that mushrooms are to be desirable in their diet. The advert also uses a well-known recommendation internationally to cater to the audience – “one of your five a day” is a part of a campaign that is recognised by the majority of people – this causes the text to be more informative, and the reader understands that mushrooms are a staple for being healthful, referring back to the context of that mushrooms are supposed to be ‘better’ and appealing for the audience. Both of these facts quoted relate to good health. Plenty of people strive to have general health and well-being due to it easing many factors in people’s

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