Qualitative Analysis (Unknown 33A)

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Qualitative analysis, through the testing of solubility testing, physical properties, functional group testing, derivative formation, and FTIR spectroscopy, was utilized to determine Unknown 33A and Unknown 33B. Based on the data, Unknown 33A was a neutral compound with high molecular weight, a melting point of 52.0-52.9°C (32.0-72.9°C), no aldehyde present, a melting point of 188.9-201.8℃ (198.9-211.8℃) for the semicarbazone, and specific transmittance bands of functional groups in 4-bromoacetophenone. This data indicated that the identity of the unknown was 4-bromoacetophenone because the characteristics and literature melting point values of 4-bromoacetophenone pertained to the data given. Tests that were not used to help identify the compound

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