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4 reasons and restaurants that make Singapore a heaven for vegetarians As a traveling vegetarian, I have often found myself perusing through Trip Advisor, Yelp, and other restaurant review sites for hours. I must begin this process at least 2 hours before it is time to eat. I will then find 1 restaurant near me that has the potential to satisfy my cravings. Even though I am vegetarian, I still have many visions, goals and desires for my appetite. I don’t want my diet to limit my ability to try new things. Also, I decided to become vegetarian four years ago. There are times that I miss the hearty taste of my favorite meat dishes. Given this, I will sometimes search far and wide for a place that serves faux meat. More often than not, the dish will not taste…show more content…
Eating here makes me feel normal again, in the sense that it is no longer burdensome for me to go out to eat with others. Here are the 4 reasons why Singapore is a hotbed of vegetarian variety: 1. The diverse population is very accepting and includes many people with veggie preferences. Singapore is diverse and welcoming to people of different backgrounds. As reported in the CIA world fact book, the ethnic makeup of the Singapore population consists of Chinese (74%), Malay (13%), and Indian (9%). About 33% identify as Buddhist and some may adopt a vegetarian lifestyle. Due to religious or cultural upbringings, Singapore holds a large population of vegetarian influence. 2. Hawker centers are everywhere and offer a wide variety of options. There are over a hundred hawker centers across Singapore. Across the island, there are thousands of stalls that provide an overwhelming amount of options to choose from. To find the veggie stalls, you simply look for a glaring light-up sign with the words, “Vegetarian Food”. Even if a stall is not strictly vegetarian, it is bound to have veggie friendly

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